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Our website helps match you to the best investments available based on your requirements, these include a range of different Term Deposits, Mutual Funds, High Interest Savings Accounts and Fixed Income Investments. Our service covers the whole Australian Investment market which means that the investments we find offer much better rates of return than your typical investment.

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Term Deposit

Term deposits are a low-risk way to invest your money and earn a fixed rate of interest. They lock away your money for the time that you choose (the term), usually between one month and five years. If you need your money before the term ends, you have to pay a penalty fee. You need a minimum amount to open a term deposit, for example, $10,000.

mutual fund

Mutual Fund

A mutual fund is a fund that pools money from a group of investors to buy financial securities such as bonds and stocks with an aim to minimise costs, diversify investment risks, and maximise returns. Investors in funds don't directly own the securities in the fund but hold shares in the fund.

High Interest Savings Account

High-interest rate savings accounts are a type of account that earns you a higher interest rate for deposits than a traditional savings account. You might also see them referred to as high-yield savings accounts. When it comes to savings, a higher interest rate is the name of the game.

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